Autralian Native Seeds 7

Community With Seeds

Community With Seeds 2

Careful Collection of Seeds

Australian Native Seeds

Australian Native Seeds 2

Australian Native Seeds 3

Australian Native Seeds 4

Australian Native Seeds 5

Australian Native Seeds 6

Incoming Seeds

Jack Shiner overseeing incoming seed

Red Dirt Seeds

Seed Samples

Storage of Seeds

Testing of collected seeds

Collected Seeds

Collected seeds being transported for processing

Creating a seed mix

mixing with spongelite ready for hand or machine seeding.

Examination of seeds in our warehouse

Indigenous training in seed collection

Indigenous youth with collected seeds

Inspecting tree for Seed Collection

Local communities assisting with seed collection

Preparing to sort Seeds

Revegetated land, Leinster WA

Revegetation of mine site using V-Winged Ripper

Seed cleaning in workshop

Seed collection

Seed collection and processing

Seed collection and sorting

Seed collection by local indigenous communities

Seed collection in progress

Seed Drying in the tunnel house

Training for Indigenous Communities

Work Experience Students from New Guinea